Collective Bargaining Instructors

We are pleased to have the following instructors:

Dr. Craig R. Christiansen is both a public administration practitioner and an academic.  He has experience as both a union member and a manager in for-profit and nonprofit corporations.  As a public employee, he has worked at all three levels of government (federal, state, and local).  His background includes 30 years of collective bargaining, negotiating contracts for both labor and management (although not at the same time!).  He also served as an expert witness in state administrative court proceedings on labor disputes. Dr. Christiansen currently teaches Labor Relations in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at KU.


Claudette Johns is a graduate of the MPA program at KU. As a teacher and union member, Johns bargained some of the earliest contracts with school boards in Kansas. Later, as a school board member, Johns bargained from the management perspective. She has additional experience at the federal level working for a U.S. Congressman and 20 years working for a state-wide nonprofit organization. She has extensive experience as a trainer in collective bargaining for a national nonprofit, has participated in dozens of mediations with the Federal Mediation and Conciliatory Service, and has worked with diverse groups to achieve bargaining laws and contracts that work for all parties. 

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